Wheat Penny History – A Wheat Pennies Journey To You

March 7, 2009 by Jake · 2 Comments
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Do you ever sit and wonder about a Wheat Penny or any other collectible coin for that matter, and where that coin has been all it's life?

If we could trace the life of say a 1945 Wheat Penny here in 2009, where would that Wheatie take us?  It may seem kinda corny but if you think about it, that 1945 Wheat Cent could have been in some very interesting places!

  • In 1945, Harry S Truman was President of the United States.  Could that penny have been in his pocket when he became president?
  • In March of 1955, Elvis appeared on TV for the first time.  Wonder if he had your Wheat Penny in his pocket?
  • In February of 1965, the first troops were sent to South Vietnam.  Did one of our soldiers have your Wheatie in his pocket as a good luck charm from his family?
  • In August of 1975, the Superdome officially opened with a game between the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Oilers.   Was your Wheat Penny at that historic game?
  • In May of 1985, 41 tornadoes hit the US & Canada.  Did your Wheatie get tossed about in those storms, only to be found later and purchased by you?
  • In March of 1995, Norman Thagard became the first American astronaut to ride into outer space aboard a Russian launched vehicle.  Was your Wheat Cent in Norman's pocket traveling in outer space?
  • In February 2005, Jeff Gordon won his 3rd Daytona 500.  Did the Wheat Penny in your collection make a lap at Daytona in Jeff's pocket?

Even though all of these instances did happen in our history, you may think the possibilities are slim that a Wheat Penny in your collection could have been at any of these places mentioned.  However, there is a very real possibility that the very Wheat Penny in your collection made one of these historic journeys and ended up with you!