Featured Item – Wheat Penny Collection and a Great Story

Here at The Wheat Penny Store, we love great stories! Below is a great story from Michael and along with his story, an opportunity for you to contact him about starting or adding to your wheat penny collection.

Michael's Story

I started collecting coins at the age of 8 after my parents gave me a Lincoln Head Cent tri-fold blue coin folder (#2) made by Whitman Publishing Company.  The first slot begged for 1941 wheat back and carried me through the 1966 Lincoln Memorial type.  I was intrigued by the difference between the wheat back and the memorial types as well as the steel wartime cents of 1943.

Coming from meager beginnings I took pride in the coins I found to fill my book and upgraded each as a better quality penny was uncovered.

Forty years later, I recall the day that my older brother found a steel penny to add to his book.  Over the years I expanded my collection to include all US type coins and continue today by adding to my collection with each opportunity found.

It wasn’t until recently that I began to inventory my collection and where there were duplicates I kept the best and pushed the others to the side.  I started inventorying my larger sized coins and worked backward arriving at my pennies just a few months ago.

Many memories filled my head as I pulled out my blue Lincoln Head Cent folder and began to remove and transfer each penny from the book to their individual 2x2 holders for better protection.  Moving onto my bags of pennies, I was surprised afterwards to learn that I had over 5000 spare wheat pennies.  So as many coin collectors do, I organized each by year and mint beginning with the 1910 wheatback, rolled the pennies into 50 cents rolls, marked each roll by date and am now putting them out to the world to find new homes with young and not-so-young collectors.

It’s been a get 40 years with many fond memories package along with those rolls of pennies.

If there is anyone out there looking to start or add to their wheatback collection, I may be a source for you.  Feel free to email at me some1else2@copmcast.net to buy the wheats or simply talk about collecting.




Thanks again Michael for a great story and for sharing your collection here at The Wheat Penny Store.

Video Of A Wheat Penny Collection

March 22, 2009 by Jake · Leave a Comment
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Today I thought I would post something a little different.  I came across a video on YouTube that shows a guy talking about his Wheat Penny collection and just thought it was interesing to see the collections of others.  The 2nd half of the video is his Indian Head Penny collection but the first part is a very nice Wheat Penny collection he has.

Check it out!