Just a Jar of Pennies – Wheat Pennies!

February 25, 2009 by Jake · Leave a Comment
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We just had some discussion with a collector about where he finds most of his Wheat Pennies.  "You would be surprised" he said...

He continued to tell us how every time he visits someone, he asks them if they have any jars of pennies sitting around.   Most everyone keeps a jar of pennies somewhere in the house, so he's never shy to ask if he can go through them and look for "treasures"!  Most are willing to let him take a look see, and he's even gracious enough to replace his finds with nickels or dimes!

Once he found 12 Wheat Pennies in a pretty good sized jar!  Another time he found 3 in a small jar at another friends house.

Never be afraid to ask to look through that jar of pennies... you never know what treasure you may find!

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