Looking For Wheat Pennies? Just Ask!

March 16, 2009 by Jake · Leave a Comment
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One of the most well known places to find Wheat Pennies is somewhere you visit and may not even realize it!  Where could this place be?  Your bank! Some may not know or realize this, but your local bank is a GREAT place to find Lincoln Wheat Cents!  But you need to use a little etiquette when you go asking for rolls of pennies from the teller!

  • Use YOUR bank! We would suggest asking for pennies at a bank you have an account with.  Remember, this is a common practice and tellers are well aware of what you are up to when you walk up asking for rolls of pennies.
  • Don't go overboard! As exciting as it gets to sit down and go through roll after roll of pennies trying to find that treasure, don't ask the teller for a huge amount of rolls to begin with.  Get a feel for your bank and how they react to what you are asking for.  Starting off with a good relationship may pay off and that teller won't a problem with your request for large amounts of penny rolls in the future.
  • Ask for the old stuff! Make sure you communicate and ask for the old pennies.  It's not going to do you much good to search for a wheatie in a new roll of pennies.
  • Bringing them back! Remember, you may go through quite a few rolls and end up needing to take quite a few pennies back to the bank to swap for more.  Take time to re-roll those pennies.  The bank may be more inclined to help you if you bring back rolls instead of loose pennies THEY have to roll.
  • Check them all! When you go through those rolls of pennies you just got from the bank, make sure to turn each and every one over and check the backs for those wheat stalks!  Too many times people assume that a shiny penny isn't a wheat penny so be sure to check each and every one!

There have been many cases of very Rare Wheat Pennies found in rolls someone got from the bank.  So always keep this in mind as one of your treasure hunting sources!

Remember, your bank doesn't always have pennies to spare, so be patient!  When you find that treasure you've been searching for, it will make all those trips to the bank worth while!