Recent Changes Here At The Wheat Penny Store

April 16, 2009 by Jake · Leave a Comment
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Have you noticed any changes here at The Wheat Penny Store?  We try to give you interesting topics to read, as well as providing you great deals on the most collectible and valuable Lincoln Wheat Cents and related items.

One thing you will notice that has been added recently is the addition of a new section.  Above this post in the "navigation bar" you will see a section called "Wheat Pennies".  This week we added a section under "Wheat Pennies" for 1931-S Lincoln Wheat Cents.  These are one of the many rare and valuable Wheaties that collectors and investors are looking for.  Be sure to check out all the items under the "Wheat Pennies" section in the the navagation bar above.

We've also added some items to the side bar over to your right as your are reading this.  Ebay has great deals for collectors to buy Wheat Pennies, but Amazon also has great deals from time to time!  As we come across those deals, we will provide you the links for easy shopping!

We hope you are enjoying your visits to The Wheat Penny Store and we hope you visit often!