Are We Running Out of Wheat Pennies to Collect?

May 24, 2009 by Jake
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How many times have you made a purchase at the store, and when you got your change you hardly waited until you got to the car to check the pennies to see if you have any wheaties?  Better yet, how many times in the past have you gotten a hand full of change and actually found wheat pennies?

I can remember when I was younger, much younger... it seemed as though I would find Wheat Pennies much more often in change.  Those finds are very rare these days.  What could be the reason?

Of course with technology and direct deposit, hardly ever carrying cash etc etc... makes it even harder to find Wheat Pennies when you never use cash to pay for your items.  If you don't use cash, you won't get change back right?  I guess maybe the Wheaties are out there, but since I'm not handling as much change these days, I'm just not seeing them.

Or could it be that all the Wheat Pennies are being collected and not many are out there for us to find in change anymore?  Obviously as time goes on, more and more collectors collecting the same thing... well there's the supply and demand aspect of it.

Either way.. it seems as though purchasing Lincoln Wheat Cents from trade shows, flea markets and places like Ebay has become the new way to find our precious collectibles.

Are the days of finding in our change long gone?


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